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Baby Behavior for Lactation Professionals (4 Part Series)


Baby Behavior messages have been successful in improving infant-feeding practices by addressing common “trigger” behaviors for overfeeding, such as infant crying and waking. This pre-recorded series of webinars will provide the skills and tools that professionals need to better understand the range of infant behaviors often misinterpreted by parents and to use research-based counseling techniques to successfully drive behavior change.


  • Part 1: Baby Behavior Beginnings and Approach
  • Part 2: Understanding Infant States and Cues
  • Part 3: Understanding Infant Crying and Sleep
  • Part 4: Newborn Behavior and the Big 3 Early Breastfeeding Challenges



At the end of the sessions, attendees will be able to:


  • List 2 common infant behaviors that may trigger weaning and/or overfeeding behaviors.
  • Describe at least 2 beliefs which convinced mothers that their healthy newborns needed supplementation during the hospital stay.
  • Demonstrate recognition of various infant states and cues.
  • Demonstrate ability to communicate messages about infant crying and soothing.
  • Demonstrate ability to communicate the differences between active and quiet sleep.
  • Differentiate behavioral causes to common early breastfeeding difficulties.
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply Baby Behavior knowledge to specific case studies.


Continuing Education Units

  • Part 1: CA BRN – 1.0; IBLCE – 1.0 R-Cerps
  • Part 2: CA BRN – 1.0; IBLCE – 1.0 L-Cerps
  • Part 3: CA BRN – 1.0; IBLCE – 1.0 L-Cerps
  • Part 4: CA BRN – 1.0; IBLCE – 1.0 L-Cerps


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